Progress and Nonprogress

My current daily goals are:

Walk a mile a day- this week I walked 2.5 miles

Read my scriptures- I did this everyday 🙂

Write on this blog- Obviously not every day yet…

Maintain the cleanliness of my house(dishes and laundry mainly)-

I did it! I even got a deeper clean in on Friday.

My bigger/longer term goals are:

Get my crafty business going- I need to blog more and facebook more and post more items for sale.  I am participating in a bloghop with Silhouette Challenge tomorrow so that might get some traffic here.  🙂 HI!

Get my teaching license- I took two of the three tests that I need to take!  yay! Hopefully, I passed them both.  My brain wasn’t working so well by the end of the second test.

Declutter and organize my house/do the finishing detail projects- I kept it maintained and did a deeper clean on Friday(kitchen counter finally cleared!).  If I can keep it to the Friday level of cleanliness  and declutter from there I will be on my way.  I made a list of jobs that need to be done if we want to show the house.  We didn’t have time to do one this week because of the 8 hours of teaching tests that I took yesterday.

Learn to draw- I have the books from the library I just need to take the time to be inspired by them.  I should make this a daily goal. It is something I can do with my boys because they love to color.  Let’s move it to that list for next week.

Overall I am proud of my progress.  I need to recommit myself to some of my goals(walking and blogging) but you know what I did everything more than once this week and that’s twice more than I used to do it.  So it’s progress and I’m sticking to it. 🙂




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