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A year ago or so, I found this tutorial from A Girl Loves Glam for an organization board.  I found a corkboard at the thrift store for three bucks and decided to make an organization board out of it.  The corkboard side ended up being too damaged to use so I turned it around and used the other side of it instead.  I took apart the frame and turned the backside to the front.  Then I added frames and ribbon and velcro command strips to hold up frames, a grocery list, and a cup full of pens.  I put the pens at the top so that my kids would not get into the permanent dry erase pens.


I made routine charts underneath to get my kids to be ready in time for school in the morning.  I am working on new ones right now that I will post next Monday.

I mostly love this organization board.  It has a checklist for cleaning, a removable grocery list, a menu planning frame, a to do list, and a calendar, as well as a place for quick action papers.  I place things there like field trip permission slips and such.  This is a great example of my slobvision though.  Seeing a picture of this I realize how cluttered it looks with that huge stack of papers on the front.  I need to slim those down to just the essentials.  See people, even my organization is cluttered!  It’s just who I am! I’m working on it! 🙂


I’ve decided that the cleaning checklist does not work for me.  I am so resistant to structure!  I love to make lists and then ignore them.  I never use the cleaning check list. I will be exchanging the cleaning schedule for a second month calendar.  It drives me crazy when I start getting to the end of a month and things need to be scheduled for the next month and I have nowhere to write them.  I love love love having a calendar here.  And I love that I can add to it with the dry erase pens whenever needed.  Instead of the check off chore chart for myself I will just use the customizable to do list frame.  I can make my cleaning goals on a daily basis that way and I won’t feel the pressure of the chore chart.  It is so silly that I can’t work with the check list. I’m not even sure how the to do list is different but it seems to work better for me and my crazy brain.  Maybe I like it better because I can just erase any chore I want to avoid really easily.  Then it’s like it was never even there! Insert evil laugh here.  OK back to work.  I’ll go through that pile of papers now and post a new photo after! 🙂


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  1. Maybe you could attach a clear box to put the papers in, they would look less messy but be organized in one place and be where you have the habit of looking for them?

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