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Piggy Banks

We have debated for a long time if we should give money for routine family chores or not.  It finally came down to 1. we want to teach them about money and they need money to do that and 2. they need an incentive to complete their jobs.  We are not paying them a lot of money to do their routines and as they get older we will change how they can earn money at home.  Realistically I think we are saving money by doing it this way(stickers or candy cost more than a penny each usually) and hopefully it will be a good start to them managing their money well.

They get one penny for completing each job on their routine chart.  This means they can earn up to 18 cents a day, five days a week.  On Saturday they can earn 10 cents for doing their clean up within the time frame given.  This means they can each earn up to a dollar a week. To help with teaching money management I made piggy banks for each of them using acrylic baseball card holders that I found at Michael’s on clearance.  I’ve had the banks for awhile but I just finished personalizing them for my younger sons.


Each bank has three sections, spending, tithing, and savings.  They put 80% into spending, 10% into savings, and 10% into tithing anytime they are given money.  They cannot use their savings or tithing money but their spending money is theirs.  They may choose to spend it immediately or to save it for bigger toys/events.  The next step to making this even more effective is to not buy them any random toy without taking the money out of their account.  I tend to bribe them to be good at the store with dollar toys or candy.  It doesn’t happen every trip but I think I will stop it entirely except in extreme emergencies.

piggybanktopweb piggy-bank-open

On Sunday we will go through and exchange change for bigger denominations of money so that I can keep a steady flow of change.  I have them count and help me to exchange the money so that hopefully they will also begin to understand how much each coin and paper is worth.  We will also give them regular opportunities to choose whether to buy things or not.  Today we are going to the grand reopening of our favorite local bookstore.  Maybe they will buy something or maybe they will wait until later.  I’m excited to see what they choose.

Routine Charts

Today I am participating in the Silhouette Challenge Blog hop.  The theme this month is organization.  At the bottom of my post will be links to everyone else’s awesome organization projects.  I’m so excited to be a part of this awesome group and the challenges!  I’ve had this project in my head for a little while and had even bought the supplies but I needed the challenge to give me a deadline to do it.  Goals and accountability are miracle workers!


My son’s new routine chart

I love how Nony on A Slob Comes Clean is battling her “slobvision” by making some tasks mandatory.  She is establishing habits that will keep her house cleaner on a daily basis.  I want to teach the same thing to my kids and so I am trying to establish routines with them.  For example, whenever they take off their clothes, shoes, backpack, or whatever, those things need to go to their designated spots whether that is a hamper, a drawer, a bin or a closet. If they have the routine of putting things away immediately then we won’t have the clutter and we can have time for the deeper cleaning that needs to be done too.  I’ve heard all of my life that the easiest clean up is just to put it away when you are done with it.  It’s a lesson I am still trying to learn today. Hopefully my 7, 5, and 3 year old can get it a lot sooner than me.  To help them to know what needs to be accomplished each day I am making them routine charts for the morning and afternoon/evening.  They are pretty simple at this point but can be expanded easily.  And they can be easily adjusted to encourage other habits once these basic habits are created.

Morning routine

get dressed

clothes in hamper or drawer

eat breakfast

dishes in sink

brush teeth

backpack packed

shoes and coat on

read scriptures

say prayer

Afternoon/evening routine

shoes, coat, and backpack put away

do homework

pick up toys

dinner chore( either empty dishwasher, set table, or clear table)

put dinner dishes in sink

clothes in hamper or drawer

brush teeth

stay in your own bed all night

say prayer

These are the habits I currently want them to gain so that we can all be a little more sane and happy.  A long time ago I saw this on pinterest and thought it would be a great way to make chore charts.  I made these and hung them on the wall with the intention of using them each day.


The old version

I liked the idea of it but it didn’t work as well as I had hoped.  Pulling each one out of the envelope when they were done doing it just didn’t work very well.  They didn’t have the visual reminder of what they were to do until after it was done. So I decided to make a similar chart but with a to do and a done section.


The New Version

 I found 2inx24 inch sticks at Lowes to give me the length for the two sections.   This time I found clear velcro to secure the job pictures.  It was at Michaels by the sewing items that they have there. I also drew my own pictures this time.  Then I laminated them and cut them out.


I used my silhouette to cut outdoor vinyl (scotch 3m brand that my friend picked up as a scrap for free at a local sign shop) to make titles for routine charts for my three boys.  It was my first time cutting and applying outdoor vinyl and it went smoothly.  I used the automatic vinyl settings in my silhouette software and clear contact paper as transfer paper.  I put the contact paper on my clothes a few time to make it less sticky.  I am very happy with the way it turned out and how easy it was to cut and apply the vinyl.  The hardest part was getting it placed straight and even on the chart. 🙂  Hopefully this will help us to organize our lives and create good habits in my boys.  I’m sick of telling them to get their shoes and socks out of the kitchen!!   There is room for 9 jobs/activities. I will put this next to my metal bin just like the others and they will have different envelopes for different routines throughout the day. This makes it easy to add/change the jobs too.  I could make one envelope for Saturday that is just the chores that need to get done that day or one for assigning them toys to clean up in the playroom.  I can change the routines as they become habits or as they grow older and have different responsibilities.  I love the flexibility of it and hopefully having the visual checklist will help our mornings and evenings go smoother.



You can see the clear velcro in this picture. It’s awesome!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out the rest of the participants in the Silhouette Challenge for more great ideas on organization!

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Overcoming Laziness

Yesterday was hard for me. I didn’t want to start the day. My list of things to do just kept growing in my head and I let it paralyze me. I have what has been dubbed ” slobvision” by A Slob Comes Clean . I’m too comfortable living in a constant state of clutter. I think part of it is that I feel I won’t use things if I can’t see them. You know, out of sight, out of mind. So, much of the chaos could be solved by finding places for things in well- organized cupboards or drawers instead. I also tend to save too many things for potential use later without having a specific project in mind. And I tend to make piles, nice sorted piles, that clutter up my living spaces.
There is one thing that knocks me out of my slobvision, other people coming over to my house. My poor family is not enough (in my defense, at least half the messes I’m ignoring are caused by them while I’m cleaning up a different room) to make me clean up. Friends or strangers must be coming over for me to get motivated enough to see the clutter that we live in regularly.
Recently my husband applied for an out of state job. While he is still at the beginning of the application process, my brain is calculating all of the what ifs of the future if he gets that job. I’m several steps ahead in my mind and all of a sudden I can see all of the places my kids have written on or dirtied the walls, all of the dust in the crannies of the doors of my cabinets, and all of the piles and boxes yet to be unpacked after two years of living here. I can see all of this now because in my head I’ve jumped ahead to him getting the job and us having to move and sell/show our house. And so yesterday I was overwhelmed by my to do list.

I took it easy yesterday. I still did dishes and I packed away most of the Christmas decorations but I also let myself take a lot of breaks. I let myself ease into this task before me. We may not need to sell our house in the near future but I would like it to be a little more show worthy. Tonight my husband and I will be making a list of all the little details that I can now see that need to be addressed. Some are home improvement details that we just didn’t quite finish and some will require creating different organizational spaces for things or just getting rid of stuff. We will prioritize our house to do list by doing first those simple, small, detail things that would make our house show worthy. We will start small by starting with the main bathroom and working our way out from there. We’ll make the list tonight and pick a project to work on together each Saturday. I am determined to take advantage of this brief clear vision of the reality of my house. I will continue to tell myself that we need to be prepared for the possibility of moving at anytime. I think that changing our house in these small ways will make our time in this house more enjoyable too. Really, it’s a win-win situation.


We are still on vacation but I have started my goals.

I have walked a mile on our treadmill each day of the new year.

I have done dishes and laundry.

I have had fun with my family! Snack and a movie at home is our New Year’s day tradition.  Yesterday, I go to go on a date with my hubby!

I have read my scriptures each day.

I wrote on my blog 2 out of three days.

I got books from the library to help me study for my teaching tests.

I am being accountable for my goals.

Today we have some sickness in the house so our original plans have changed.  Matt and I will take down Christmas decorations and focus on deep cleaning the house.  Then I will have room to create again!  Yay!